Clean Urban Transport for Europe

The Clean Urban Transport for Europe (CUTE) was a European Union project which saw the development and testing of 27 Citaro fuel cell buses - three in each of nine cities in Europe

The aim of the project was to demonstrate the feasibility of an innovative, highly energy-efficient, clean urban public transport system. Different hydrogen production and refueling infrastructures were established in each of the cities. The project saw practical applications of renewable energy sources to the transport system.

This public transport system will contribute to the reduction of overall CO 2 emissions. The elimination of local NO x , SO 2 and particulate emissions will also improve health and living conditions in urban areas.

The project greatly improved public acceptance of the H 2 fuel cell transport system, and contributed to the development of a more secure energy supply for the EU. It has also contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of EU industry, leading to the creation of new jobs and, in the futrure, greatly contribute to the Kyoto commitments of the Member States.


CUTE Project CUTE project


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