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The major task of is to promote European hydrogen related activities especially in the transport sector. Hydrogen demonstration projects which are funded by the European Commission are highlighted as well as projects funded by national governments, regions, municipalities and private actors.

HyLights is a coordination action to accelerate the commercialisation of hydrogen and fuel cells in the field of transport in Europe.

The Project aims to develop and demonstrate zero emission road transport systems in daily use for European cities

This project will allow users in four European regions to test 150 full size electrically powered vehicles fuelled by hydrogen fuel cells, including scooters, tricycles, wheelchairs, small utility vehicles and minibuses.

Premia investigates the effectivenessof support programmes to facilitate and secure the market introduction of alternative motor fuels in the European Union.

This Project aims to support the work of actors working on renewable energies and energy demand management at local and regional levels.   It aims to imrove communicatin and information dissemination on locally relevant energy issues.

This Project assesses and monitors Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies for stationary and mobile energy application against current and future infrastructures, and the needs of communities which may be early adopters of the technology in order to support future planning of Commission activities


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