News Archive - September 2006

28/09/06 : European Commission Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Platform publishes its "Achievements and Perspectives" Report

The European Commussion Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform 2 Year Achievement Report (2006).

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28/09/06 : Stockholm Congestion Charge Decision Welcomed by International Union of Public Transport - UITP

UITP welcomes Stockholm vote in favour of a permanent congestion charging system.

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26/09/06 : Stockholm says yes to Congestion Taxes

After Rome, London, Edinburgh and Oslo, Stockholm could be the latest city to introduce road tolls around the city centre in view of limiting traffic.

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26/09/06 : EU Must Stick to Car Emissions Deadline

Nine former Ministers for the Environment in different EU Countries have published a letter called on the EU to maintain car emission standards

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European Union Mobility Week - September 16 - 22

Mobility Week puts the focus on urban transport-climate link. Citizens are encouraged to make use of more climate friendly alternatives to cars.

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06/09/06 : Boeing hydrogen plane set to lift off.

Boeing is developing a light aircraft powered by fuel cells and electric motors, making it potentially the greenest plane ever to fly

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