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Hamburg is the big port in Northern Germany.

With almost 2 millions inhabitants, it is a major centre of trade and tourism which draws visitors from all over the globe.Hamburg is increasingly turning into an international hub of information, a role founded on a centuries-old tradition in the city. After all, the metropolis on the River Elbe was always ahead of its time when it came to trading goods and ideas.


As a point of departure and springboard for Europe's markets, Hamburg is now a business location for firms from many countries. Right now, some 3,500 international firms are estimated to be represented in Hamburg and with goods worth over DM 120 bn handled annually, Hamburg is Germany's foreign-trade capital.

Hamburg is one of the 16 Federal States of the Federal Republic of Germany. The State Parliament, the House of Burgesses, has 121 seats and is elected for 4 years.

The State Government, the Senate, has 12 members presided over the First Mayor. The ministries are run by senators.

Hamburg is twinned with cities around the world.

The city of Hamburg in brief

  • major centre of trade and tourism in Northern Germany at the river Elbe
  • around 2 million inhabitants
  • Hamburg is famous for Germanys most important import and export harbour, as well a wide range of cultural facilities.

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